Choosing A Red Light District Tour

If you are looking to understand the culture of freedom and respect that permeates Dutch society, there is no better place to visit than the Red Light District. Known as De Wallen, this part of the city is among the oldest. The streets are narrow and cobblestoned, and the homes are historic. There are many ways to enjoy De Wallen as part of an Amsterdam walking tour, but choosing a special Red Light District tour may also be a good option.

Adding De Wallen To An Amsterdam Walking Tour

Most excursions around the city are able to be customized enough that including De Wallen on another type of excursion can be a good option. If you are not intending to see the district on its own, avoid visiting after dark. If you go during the daytime, you are still likely to experience things that would be considered inappropriate for children. The district is geared toward prostitution and the sex trade, and even during the day, these elements will not be entirely hidden. However, the district takes on a less intense character during the day, when the ‘red’ of the lights is not so striking.

A Specific Red Light District Tour

However, if you are seeking the full experience of De Wallen, then nighttime is the opportune time to visit. A Red Light District tour after dark will allow you to see the true liberty of the city. There will be women in the windows of De Wallen, and you’ll see landmarks like the Prostitute Information Center. All the while, you will be accompanied by an Amsterdam walking tour guide who can explain what you are seeing.

Elements Of An Excursion To De Wallen

Visiting the Red Light District without a guide is not generally advisable because the streets can be confusing to a first-time traveler. However, there are some key points of interest to be aware of when choosing an excursion.

Architecture: A good Red Light District tour will consider the architecture you see as well as the other spectacles of the area. The architecture here is among the most remarkable in Amsterdam, and also the oldest. Ensure that a guide has the proper knowledge to inform you.

Knowledge of the area: Ensure that your guide can help steer you toward elements of De Wallen that particularly attract you. If you are just looking to experience the area, that is less important. However, if you are looking to make particular purchases from the sex shops or to visit particular types of bars or brothels later, your guide should know how to direct you. Knowing the city well enough to give an Amsterdam walking tour does not mean he knows De Wallen.

Museums: Oddly enough, this area has a number of interesting museums. They are not for the underage, as they typically focus on mature content. However, for those who can appreciate them, they are a worthwhile destination. You may not visit the museums as part of your actual guided excursion, but having the two museums pointed out can show you locations to visit independently later.